Thursday, July 18, 2013

Retrosheet event descriptions


Field numberDescriptionHeader
1Visiting teamAWAY_TEAM_ID
3Batting teamBAT_HOME_ID
7Pitch sequencePITCH_SEQ_TX
8Visitor scoreAWAY_SCORE_CT
9Home scoreHOME_SCORE_CT
11Batter handBAT_HAND_CD
12Result batterRESP_BAT_ID
13Result batter handRESP_BAT_HAND_CD
15Pitcher handPIT_HAND_CD
16Result pitcherRESP_PIT_ID
17Result pitcher handRESP_PIT_HAND_CD
19First basemanPOS3_FLD_ID
20Second basemanPOS4_FLD_ID
21Third basemanPOS5_FLD_ID
23Left fielderPOS7_FLD_ID
24Center fielderPOS8_FLD_ID
25Right fielderPOS9_FLD_ID
26Runner on firstBASE1_RUN_ID
27Runner on secondBASE2_RUN_ID
28Runner on thirdBASE3_RUN_ID
29Event textEVENT_TX
30Leadoff flagLEADOFF_FL
31Pinch-hit flagPH_FL
32Defensive positionBAT_FLD_CD
33Lineup positionBAT_LINEUP_ID
34Event typeEVENT_CD
35Batter event flagBAT_EVENT_FL
36Official time at bat flagAB_FL
37Hit valueH_FL
38Sacrifice hit flagSH_FL
39Sacrifice fly flagSF_FL
40Outs on playEVENT_OUTS_CT
41Double play flagDP_FL
42Triple play flagTP_FL
43RBI on playRBI_CT
44Wild pitch flagWP_FL
45Passed ball flagPB_FL
46Fielded byFLD_CD
47Batted ball typeBATTEDBALL_CD
48Bunt flagBUNT_FL
49Foul flagFOUL_FL
51Number of errorsERR_CT
521st error playerERR1_FLD_CD
531st error typeERR1_CD
542nd error playerERR2_FLD_CD
552nd error typeERR2_CD
563rd error playerERR3_FLD_CD
573rd error typeERR3_CD
58Batter destinationBAT_DEST_ID
59Runner on first destinationRUN1_DEST_ID
60Runner on second destinationRUN2_DEST_ID
61Runner on third destinationRUN3_DEST_ID
62Play on batterBAT_PLAY_TX
63Play on runner on firstRUN1_PLAY_TX
64Play on runner on secondRUN2_PLAY_TX
65Play on runner on thirdRUN3_PLAY_TX
66Stolen base for runner on firstRUN1_SB_FL
67Stolen base for runner on secondRUN2_SB_FL
68Stolen base for runner on thirdRUN3_SB_FL
69Caught stealing for runner on firstRUN1_CS_FL
70Caught stealing for runner on secondRUN2_CS_FL
71Caught stealing for runner on thirdRUN3_CS_FL
72Pickoff of runner on firstRUN1_PK_FL
73Pickoff of runner on secondRUN2_PK_FL
74Pickoff of runner on thirdRUN3_PK_FL
75Pitcher charged with runner on firstRUN1_RESP_PIT_ID
76Pitcher charged with runner on secondRUN2_RESP_PIT_ID
77Pitcher charged with runner on thirdRUN3_RESP_PIT_ID
78New game flagGAME_NEW_FL
79End game flagGAME_END_FL
80Pinch-runner on firstPR_RUN1_FL
81Pinch-runner on secondPR_RUN2_FL
82Pinch-runner on thirdPR_RUN3_FL
83Runner removed for pinch-runner on firstREMOVED_FOR_PR_RUN1_ID
84Runner removed for pinch-runner on secondREMOVED_FOR_PR_RUN2_ID
85Runner removed for pinch-runner on thirdREMOVED_FOR_PR_RUN3_ID
86Batter removed for pinch-hitterREMOVED_FOR_PH_BAT_ID
87Position of batter removed for pinch-hitterREMOVED_FOR_PH_BAT_FLD_CD
88Fielder with first putoutPO1_FLD_CD
89Fielder with second putoutPO2_FLD_CD
90Fielder with third putoutPO3_FLD_CD
91Fielder with first assistASS1_FLD_CD
92Fielder with second assistASS2_FLD_CD
93Fielder with third assistASS3_FLD_CD
94Fielder with fourth assistASS4_FLD_CD
95Fielder with fifth assistASS5_FLD_CD
96Event numberEVENT_ID
cwevent extended field numbers
Field numberDescriptionHeader
0home team idHOME_TEAM_ID
1batting team idBAT_TEAM_ID
2fielding team idFLD_TEAM_ID
3half inning (differs from batting team if home team bats first)BAT_LAST_ID
4start of half inning flagINN_NEW_FL
5end of half inning flagINN_END_FL
6score for team on offenseSTART_BAT_SCORE_CT
7score for team on defenseSTART_FLD_SCORE_CT
8runs scored in this half inningINN_RUNS_CT
9number of plate appearances in game for team on offenseGAME_PA_CT
10number of plate appearances in inning for team on offenseINN_PA_CT
11start of plate appearance flagPA_NEW_FL
12truncated plate appearance flagPA_TRUNC_FL
13base state at start of playSTART_BASES_CD
14base state at end of playEND_BASES_CD
15batter is starter flagBAT_START_FL
16result batter is starter flagRESP_BAT_START_FL
17ID of the batter on deckBAT_ON_DECK_ID
18ID of the batter in the holdBAT_IN_HOLD_ID
19pitcher is starter flagPIT_START_FL
20result pitcher is starter flagRESP_PIT_START_FL
21defensive position of runner on firstRUN1_FLD_CD
22lineup position of runner on firstRUN1_LINEUP_CD
23event number on which runner on first reached baseRUN1_ORIGIN_EVENT_ID
24defensive position of runner on secondRUN2_FLD_CD
25lineup position of runner on secondRUN2_LINEUP_CD
26event number on which runner on second reached baseRUN2_ORIGIN_EVENT_ID
27defensive position of runner on thirdRUN3_FLD_CD
28lineup position of runner on thirdRUN3_LINEUP_CD
29event number on which runner on third reached baseRUN3_ORIGIN_EVENT_ID
30responsible catcher for runner on firstRUN1_RESP_CAT_ID
31responsible catcher for runner on secondRUN2_RESP_CAT_ID
32responsible catcher for runner on thirdRUN3_RESP_CAT_ID
33number of balls in plate appearancePA_BALL_CT
34number of called balls in plate appearancePA_CALLED_BALL_CT
35number of intentional balls in plate appearancePA_INTENT_BALL_CT
36number of pitchouts in plate appearancePA_PITCHOUT_BALL_CT
37number of pitches hitting batter in plate appearancePA_HITBATTER_BALL_CT
38number of other balls in plate appearancePA_OTHER_BALL_CT
39number of strikes in plate appearancePA_STRIKE_CT
40number of called strikes in plate appearancePA_CALLED_STRIKE_CT
41number of swinging strikes in plate appearancePA_SWINGMISS_STRIKE_CT
42number of foul balls in plate appearancePA_FOUL_STRIKE_CT
43number of balls in play in plate appearancePA_INPLAY_STRIKE_CT
44number of other strikes in plate appearancePA_OTHER_STRIKE_CT
45number of runs on playEVENT_RUNS_CT
46id of player fielding batted ballFLD_ID
47force play at second flagBASE2_FORCE_FL
48force play at third flagBASE3_FORCE_FL
49force play at home flagBASE4_FORCE_FL
50batter safe on error flagBAT_SAFE_ERR_FL
51fate of batter (base ultimately advanced to)BAT_FATE_ID
52fate of runner on firstRUN1_FATE_ID
53fate of runner on secondRUN2_FATE_ID
54fate of runner on thirdRUN3_FATE_ID
55runs scored in half inning after this evengFATE_RUNS_CT
56fielder with sixth assistASS6_FLD_CD
57fielder with seventh assistASS7_FLD_CD
58fielder with eighth assistASS8_FLD_CD
59fielder with ninth assistASS9_FLD_CD
60fielder with tenth assistASS10_FLD_CD
61unknown fielding credit flagUNKNOWN_OUT_EXC_FL
62uncertain play flagUNCERTAIN_PLAY_EXC_FL

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