Sunday, May 24, 2015

Doctored Ball Ejections

-- Courtesy of David Vincent

06/11/1920 Slim Sallee       CIN  Throwing doctored ball (ejected)
06/14/1922 Sam Jones         NYA  Throwing cut ball (not ejected)
07/27/1922 Dave Danforth     SLA  Throwing doctored ball (cover of ball cut, ejected)
08/01/1923 Dave Danforth     SLA  Throwing doctored ball (discolored. ejected)
08/14/1924 Bob Shawkey       NYA  Throwing doctored ball (discolored, ejected)
07/20/1944 Nelson Potter     SLA  Spit ball (ejected)
04/27/1968 Rich Nye (and others)  Spit ball (six automatic balls called in game; Durocher ejected)
08/18/1968 Phil Regan        CHN  Vaseline ball (three ejected in rhubarb; ruled twice in game)
07/14/1978 Don Sutton        LAN  Scuffed ball (ejected)
09/30/1980 Rick Honeycutt    SEA  Sandpaper and tack (ejected)
08/23/1982 Gaylord Perry     SEA  Throwing doctored ball (ejected)
08/03/1987 Joe Niekro        MIN  Emery board in back pocket (ejected)
08/10/1987 Kevin Gross       PHI  Sandpaper on glove (ejected)
10/08/1988 Jay Howell        LAN  Pine tar on glove (NLCS Game 3, ejected)
05/01/1999 Brian Mohler      DET  Sandpaper on left thumb (ejected)
06/09/1999 Byung-Hyun Kim    ARI  Heat balm on bandage in sleeve (ejected)
05/17/2003 Zach Day          MON  Glue on hand (ejected)
08/20/2004 Julian Tavares    SLN  Pine tar on cap (ejected, 10-day suspension)
06/14/2005 Brendan Donnelly  ANA  Pine tar on glove (ejected)
10/22/2006 Kenny Rogers      DET  Foreign substance on heel of pitching hand (World Series, not ejected)
06/19/2012 Joel Peralta      TBA  Pine tar on glove (ejected before pitching)
04/23/2014 Michael Pineda    NYA  Pine tar on neck (ejected)
05/21/2015 Will Smith        MIL  Foreign substance on non-pitching arm (rosin and sunscreen; ejected)
05/23/2015 Brian Matusz      BAL  Foreign substance on non-pitching arm (ejected)