Friday, April 12, 2013


The pitches field of the play record

synopsis: play,inning,home/visitor,player id,count,pitches,event
The fifth field, pitches, is a string of variable length and contains all pitches to this batter in this plate appearance. Most Retrosheet games do not have pitch data and consequently this field is blank for such games.

    +  following pickoff throw by the catcher
    *  indicates the following pitch was blocked by the catcher
    .  marker for play not involving the batter
    1  pickoff throw to first
    2  pickoff throw to second
    3  pickoff throw to third
    >  Indicates a runner going on the pitch
    B  ball
    C  called strike
    F  foul
    H  hit batter
    I  intentional ball
    K  strike (unknown type)
    L  foul bunt
    M  missed bunt attempt
    N  no pitch (on balks and interference calls)
    O  foul tip on bunt
    P  pitchout
    Q  swinging on pitchout
    R  foul ball on pitchout
    S  swinging strike
    T  foul tip
    U  unknown or missed pitch
    V  called ball because pitcher went to his mouth
    X  ball put into play by batter
    Y  ball put into play on pitchout