Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blame Damon Berryhill

Blame Randall Simon
Blame Eric Karros
Blame # 8
Blame 21

Blame Wayne Messmer
Blame D. Lee
Blame Farnsworth
But don't blame Steve

The team collapsed
8 runs in the 8th
Errors, managerial and
Pitching mistakes

They blamed it all on the fella
To my left
I was a fan of Florida
Since Hawk Dawson left

Blame Assenmacher
Blame Jeff Pico
Blame Damon Berryhill
Blame Lloyd Mclendon

Blame Bob Brenly
Candy Maldanado
Blame Roger Craig
But don't blame Steve

Blame Kevin Tapani
Blame Mickey Morandini
Blame Phil Wrigley
Blame Scott Servais

Blame Alan Embree
Blame Gallaraga
Blame Ryan Klesko
But don't blame Steve

Ball comin' atcha, you catch or knock it down.
Ball comin' atcha, you knock it down, knock it down.

Why'd they give him #8?
Hawk Dawson was 8.
Hawk Dawson could throw.
Hawk Dawson could hit.
Hawk Dawson patrolled right.
They Hawk had an arm.

Don't blame Steve
Blame Steve Stone
Blame Grudzielanek
Blame Dan Roan
Blame Salazar
Bame Gary Scott
But don't blame Steve.

Blame the K-Deez.
Don't blame Steve.

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